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Monday, 10 July 2017

After nearly a month the second part of the Guildhouse is ready for paint. This building seem to take longer to put together than the last one.
Construction is the same as the previous building: blue styrofoam and pewter windows from Firedragon Games, foamcore for the upper floors, balsa wood floor and trim, plastic windows and roof sections from Games Workshop's  Blood on The Streets terrain set. Walls are plastered with regular old drywall mud.

Friday, 16 June 2017

Part 1 of the Merchants' Guild building is done. Once the second part is finished they will get based together. Paints are Delta Ceramcoat and Americana craft paints with home-made washes and glazes made with Golden Glazing medium and Golden Flow enhancer. The interior wood floor is too dark- I am still not 100% happy with my wood colouring. I am after a mix of greys and light brown/tans for the weathered look and I haven't quite got there ywt. I am very happy with the way the stone and plaster turned out  though.

Sunday, 11 June 2017

Another building underway. Actually, 2 buildings to be joined by an overhead walkway this first one is completed as far as construction goes and is now currently getting primed. The blue foam and metal windows are from Firedragon Games; the roof section and other plastic windows and doors are from the now hard to find Blood on The Streets terrain kit from GW.

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

After what has seemed like quite a bit of work, the remaining two ruined houses of the Bolt Action Ruined Hamlet kit from Warlord Games is finished. I combined the two to make a larger house, perhaps a small manor. There is still few pieces leftover from which I will make some over grown ruins (not for Kodsticklerburg). Two things about this piece: I forgot that chimneys need fireplaces, so I will have to  make at least one; secondly I got a little excited and didn't wait for the Superleaf flock on the hedge to dry before applying the static grass. Consequently, there is static grass on the hedge. Oh well... green meteorites, chaos and all that... I have taken several pictures,  some better than others.

Sunday, 23 April 2017

I have finished two more buildings for Kodsticklerburg. One is the other half of the Sarissa Precision English Timber Framed House and the other is a Bolt Action ruined farmhouse from Warlord:
The Sarissa Precision building is actually quite a bit yellow-er than it's other half, but it doesn't+ seem to show in the photos.
I added a bit of moss to the shingles of this building:
The Bolt Action building is quite small; I think I may have missed a wall in there but still when you look at the end wall it is still rather tiny when compared to the Sarissa Precision building. There is lots of detail to paint but I can't say that it goes together super tight. Part of that is the modular nature of the kit. I have two more of the same building that I will be making into one larger complex.
A few Dwarves sniffin' around for some wyrdstone...

Sunday, 9 April 2017

I finished my starting Dwarven warband (500 GC's). Now I have 2 warbands... if I could only find someone who wanted to play the game I would be set .
Their fearless leader (model form TAG's Dwarven Empire range:

Dwarven Engineer from Warmonger Miniatures:

Dwarf with blunderbuss (counts as a handgun) from Warmonger Miniatures:
A couple of Dwarven warriors I call The Brothers. Also from Warmonger Miniatuires:
And finally, young Schmengi, from the TAG range (he's from the artillery set with an axe added). He's either carrying the warband's bag of wyrdstone or his mom has packed him a lunch...

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Finished off another couple of Skaven models,  spending the maximum 500 gold coins for a starting warband,  complete with cat hair thanks to Mrs. Codsticker's cats ...
...and I got started on a Dwarven Warband. They  are a mix of Warmonger Swashbuckler Dwarves and TAG's Dwarven Empire range (the 2 in the middle). Although slightly different in proportion (the Warmonger Dwarves  are quite big) stylistically very close:

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

I got some Skaven painted up. Pix of these have been posted  on Tom's Boring Mordheim Forum and on Warseer. First up, my Assassin Adept to lead the warband:
A black skaven with flail:
Two night runners with slings:
Finally, 3 verminkin from the old mono-pose plastics (eventually to be replaced by better models):
The warband on the prowl:
Up next is an Eishin sorcerer.

Monday, 6 February 2017

Some unexpected down time means I was able to take a metric crapton of pictures First up , finished pictures of the 2 buildings I had shown WIP pix of yesterday.


The next building is half of a Sarissa Precision English Timber Framed House. I bought two of them, have bucked one in have with the ban saw to give me two ruins. The first two pics show one half before I get started; the second batch shows the finished product.

At this point I decided I needed some scatter terrain: crates barrels, barricades, that sort of thing. I ordered some barrels and a barricade from Thomarillion.

 I stuck a couple of barrels in a Warbases hand cart I had laying around.
I also bought some items from Micro Art Studio's Wolsung line (there are a couple of smaller stacks I haven't painted yet). The detail and casting on these is fantastic.

I ordered some loose barrels and a village well from Stronghold terrain. Also very nicely sculpted and cast.
The well consists of about 6 different parts.

Lastly, a statue and a dead tree. The statue is from Games Workshop's Osgiliath Terrain set, on a church altar I bought through Warlord Games (I can't recall the manufacturer) and some hewn stone blocks I carved into a piece of insulation foam. The tree didn't quite turn out the way I hoped but it is acceptable. It is a wooden dowel and wire armature, with Sculpey over top to bulk it out and green stuff for detailing  around the branches. The stone retaining wall is from Thomarillion (not quite as nice as the other items I bought from them, but certainly good enough).

That is the last few months for me.